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How to choose the exact pizza restaurant for you?

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Try the best pizzeria in town!
The pizzeria is a place where everyone can sit with his family or friends to eat hot and tasty pizza. What else is needed so that this is not only the usual lunch or dinner, but a unique experience to remember? The interior and the atmosphere, the fragrances in the air, the views and of course the food itself. Each of the mentioned aspects is important when talking about a visit to the pizzeria. The next lines will give you the factors and criteria you need to know when picking a certain pizzeria. 
1. Quality of the prepared food – absolutely naturally this is the first detail we shall mention. In the end, the main reason to visit a pizzeria is to be able to try your favorite types of pizza, right? A good idea is first to be assured that the respective pizzeria can offer you quality and tasty pizza. For this purpose you would better research the place, check out online feedback about it, ask your relatives for their opinion. An additional quality guarantee would be the rich history of a pizzeria on the market. Usually, only the pizza restaurants distinguishing with excellent cuisine and beneficial offers make it last on the market for many years. 
2. Diverse menu – it is a good idea for a pizzeria to offer not only pizza, but other meals as well. Imagine you go to a pizzeria with a huge company of friends. Someone may like a salad or French fries with his pizza, other may not feel like pizza at all, but has agreed on the place because of the rest of the company. It is not a coincidence that recently the pizza restaurant type of places become more and more popular – the menu offers not only pizza but also a wide range of other appetizers and main courses.
3. Interior and atmosphere – the tasty food is an obligatory but not the only condition for a nice lunch or dinner. The interior and the atmosphere in the pizzeria are of great importance too. Does the interior feel relaxing and emotionally positive? Is it clean and hygienic enough? Does the air bring the aroma of the freshly prepared pizza? Are there outside seats so that you can enjoy the sun? We suggest you find the answers to these questions before visiting a certain pizzeria.   
4. Prices – there is no way we miss the prices when talking about a pizzeria place. We would advise you not to fall to the extremes when deciding on these criteria. The unreally low prices most probably shall mean low quality of the food or service. However, in the meantime there are pizzeria restaurants with extremely high prices (usually without any grounds). You would better evaluate whether the prices in the menu of a certain pizzeria are realistic and comply with the food, atmosphere and everything else the place offers (or claims to offer).

Why choose Mamma Mia's pizza?

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Delicious pizza in Mamma Mia pizzeria
Mamma Mia is a pizza restaurant located in the heart of Sofia. We have a capacity of 180 seats, 120 inside and 60 on a beautiful balcony. Designed in Italian style and offering various pizzas and other meals, Mamma Mia pizzeria can turn your lunch or dinner into an unforgettable experience. Here is why you should choose Mamma Mia pizzeria: 
Rich experience and traditions – if you are looking for a pizzeria with rich experience then Mamma Mia is the right place for you. We operate on the market for 24 years offering to our clients only the best pizzas and Italian cuisine. We renew our menu every six months according to the season and the always changing requirements and tastes of our clients. It is exactly the relationship with our client and the whole experience we propose together with the tasty food that enhances Mamma Mia pizzeria to not only remain on the market for so many years but to also develop and grow. 
Mamma Mia Pizzeria: Something for everyone – as we have mentioned our menu you can really find everything for everyone at Mamma Mia pizzeria. Not only a wide range of classic pizzas and pizza sandwiches, we also offer traditional Italian meals such as pasta and risotto, and many other appetizers, main courses and desserts. Regardless of what you would like to eat today, you are welcome at Mamma Mia and we shall serve it to you.   
Mamma Mia Pizzeria: The best ratio between quality and price – the prices at Mamma Mia pizzeria are average for the market. We have tried to find the perfect balance of prices which allow us to provide to our clients the best quality and in the meantime reply to the financial situation of the standard customer.
Mamma Mia Pizzeria: Nice atmosphere – one of the main advantages of Mamma Mia is the nice atmosphere allowing each client to relax and enjoy to the maximum the tasty food. You can sense everywhere the rich aroma of the prepared pizzas and meals, the traditional Italian spices and sauces. Moreover, you can choose where to sit according to your personal requirements and preferences. The garden and some corners inside are territories kept for those of you who prefer to have lunch or dinner at peace. We also have 60 seats on a beautiful balcony overlooking at „Sveti Semochislenitsi“ church.
Mamma Mia Pizzeria: Special offers – at Mamma Mia pizzeria you can constantly benefit from numerous special offers. If your friendly company orders more than three pizzas (or three pizzas in combination with other meals) you get 15% off the total price. If your order exceeds 25 BGN you are gifted a free Coca-Cola out of 1.250 ml. 
Welcome to Mamma Mia pizzeria and enjoy tasty food, perfect service and great atmosphere!


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Check out our pizza in Mamma Mia pizzeria
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Visit Mamma Mia pizzeria!
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Mamma Mia pizzeria serves the best pizza in Sofia

How to choose the exact pizza restaurant for you?

Why choose Mamma Mia's pizza?

Mamma Mia Pizzeria: Something for everyone

Mamma Mia Pizzeria: The best ratio between quality and price

Mamma Mia Pizzeria: Nice atmosphere

Mamma Mia Pizzeria: Special offers